About Us

Las Vegas Cannabis Information Center (LVCIC)

The founder of the Las Vegas Cannabis Information Center has been in the forefront of the Cannabis community since 1978. We are here to provide compassion with combined education and entertainment for our community.

Our goal is to help people and bring the community together with compassion, education and entertainment. We are a full information recourse center with focus on education. At Las Vegas Cannabis Information Center, we believe in a medicinal approach and proper regulations and information.

LVCIC is an information center that provides referrals for all your Cannabis needs, such as lawyers, doctors, legal dispensaries, and classes, and we provide full education in the cannabis community. We understand that most marijuana schools do not have efficient staff with lifetime experience in the field of delivery, law, marketing and advertising, dispensary management, marijuana cultivation and cooking. In the classes, attendees are given the opportunity to learn how to be registered medical cannabis patients and certified cannapreneurs.

Our events are often conducted with social gatherings such as mixers, dinners and entertainment. As we believe that in order to bring the community together, we must initiate programs and activities to realize this goal. There are also related activities that we develop for the sake of closer and deeper relationships within the community.

We also offer onsite classrooms and studio where your privacy is our priority. We also try to involve the basic cannabis law as well as policy reform organizations and links associated to human rights, environment, justice, health, and other related issues. We are aware that this endeavor is not just any other learning activity done in an ordinary school. We believe that processes should be treated confidentially as it may bring potential menace to those who are not properly oriented about the cannabis law.

Therefore, we at LVCIC will provide you with the information on how to legally start your business in the cannabis community.  We also provide information on health and safety of all aspects of the cannabis plant. If you have concerns and issues regarding cannabis, we are very much available to deliver you excellent services and information to help you.

LVCIC is everything that you need to whatever cannabis need that you may require from vital information to onsite learning and entertainment. We stand firm to the notion that through proper information, we can help spread awareness to the cannabis community especially in Las Vegas. Through this effort, we can contribute to a better perception of the community about the cannabis concerns, issues, and the law which involves the medical cannabis in legal terms. With LVCIC, together we can make a better community.